Common Betting Strategy In No-Limit Hold'Em

Because getting a strong hand when playing Hold'Em is not very common, it is important to know betting strategy in no limit Hold'Em for when it happens.

Flop and Turn

When staking on a flop, there are a few things to keep in mind. The amount should be exactly as big as it needs to be to result in unfavorable odds on the next draw, but still be small enough that opponents feel some sort of pressure to re-raise with their weaker hand. For example, if the draw amount is 20% for the round, bet 25% of the pot. Generally, two-thirds of the full pot is a good amount to gamble. It is also a good move to bet more money as more is called. The size of the gamble on the flop and turn should always be big enough to entice your opponent to commit while they have the second-best hand. Always be mindful of how much is being gambled; betting more money than seems sensible is likely to cause opponents to fold, while staking too little can hurt your game. It can take practice to strike this balance, however being a good judge of character and being able to skilfully manipulate your opponents will go a long way in perfecting gambles that entice players to gamble on their losing cards.

Calling on the River

A good time to bet is when it is unclear whether or not an opponent is drawing out of necessity or if they already have a strong hand. If you believe their hand is the second-best, gamble whatever you think will be called on the river. If you have a strong hand yourself (ideally a two pair or better), the odds of theirs being second-best or weaker are good. This is a good time to try and induce a bluff to win the round. This strategy is risky, of course, because it assumes the values of your opponent's cards based primarily on having strong cards yourself. In order for this to work, it is crucial to have a good grasp on your opposition's character and be prepared to lose once in a while. Fortunately, being able to make plays at the river is a strong skill that will more often than not yield wins when pulled off correctly. As always, knowing your opposition's skill and tactics will do a long way in making any betting strategy in no limit Hold'Em work for the best possible results - namely, a fair amount of money.